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Unbreakable - Stained Glass Mosaic

She is UNBREAKABLE! Her head is adorned by a large headwrap containing all of her life experiences heavy? Yes. Roadblock? Absolutely not. Surrounding her is a wispy opal champagne stained glass which speaks for her aura of divine femininity. Her strength is represented by the shattering chain of self-sabotaging beliefs which appear to be her earring. Through self awareness & perseverance she allows herself to gain knowledge & wisdom leaving behind limiting internal beliefs. 

24 X 24"

2cm. wooden boarder, ready to be hung.

Each mosaic is HANDCRAFTED by glass artist @sadesosublime! The glass used is selected individually & broken down to size with a hammer creating organic & unique puzzle pieces to ultimately create a complete 1 of 1 piece.

*Ships free inside the Continental United States!